Disney-themed read-along stories are now available on ICANKid App

  • Monday, 06/06/2022

Not stopping at the cooperation with the world's and Vietnam's leading names in the field of education and entertainment for children such as Pearson Group, Moonbug, Smart Study, Entertainment One, Kim Dong Publishing House…, recently, the ICANKid application continues to gain the trust of parents and children are also looking forward to it, when it has included 41  video stories featuring familiar Disney characters, creating an ecosystem for the children’s “learning like playing” journey more lively and attractive.

Disney Stories on the ICANKid app aim to help children learn English spelling and pronunciations by watching.

When it comes to Disney Stories, we all can think of stories that bring countless positive messages and meaningful lessons about life, such as having the courage to pursue your dreams, showing kindness towards others, and overcoming challenges by believing in yourself.

The ICANKid app introduces Disney-themed stories to bring many children's favorite characters to a world of learning like playing

ICANKid hopes that the Disney Stories will not only give children a feeling of closer connection with their favorite characters, but also gives them meaningful lessons about life, human development, and from there access to new languages.

41 video stories from Disney Stories on ICANKid application

Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Queen Elsa, Lightning McQueen and more, who are likely to be already familiar to Vietnamese children, will be among the first characters present in the Monkey character's Entertainment area on the application.

In the form of read along stories in video format, children do not need to turn each page of the book to discover new magical worlds, right on an app. Each story selected to be present on the application uses simple sentence structure and readings in native voice to help children familiarize themselves with English from the very beginning. The application also provides subtitles to help children familiarize themselves with the letters, memorize passive vocabulary.

Existing ICAN Kids app subscriber Mr. Phan Dai shared: “I have two daughters aged 2 and 5, who are all in love with Disney stories, especially Frozen. So when the application added Disney stories, they were very excited. After only a few weeks of reading, the two of them were able to tell stories in English without looking at the app, surprising the whole family".

Queen Elsa has now become one of the first characters present in the Entertainment area on the ICANKid app

The dialogue in the stories is usually very simple and short with readings in native voice for children to familiarize themselves with English as a native language from the very beginning

With Disney Stories on the ICANKid app, Vietnamese children will enjoy the unique stories of their favourite characters with high quality images.

A representative of Galaxy Education, the company that develops the ICANKid application, shared: “We will continue to work with many of the world's leading educational institutions and entertainment companies to bring more games as well as interesting characters for children, helping children's learning like playing journey more diverse and interesting".

Children are increasingly exposed to electronic devices early and with increasing frequency, this is an inevitable development need of the times. If children are provided with age and psychology appropriate applications as well as suitable programs, ICANKid believes that it may bring children positive benefits for learning and development, besides putting parents at ease. The ICANKid application has become the first application in Vietnam to bring in an international standard learning path, copyrighted programs from leading education and entertainment units, and age-appropriate content for children of preschool.

Children can "Learn like Play" a variety of subjects such as Vietnamese, English, reading stories, and watching cartoons all on one ICANKid application.

Not only utilizing characters close to the childhood world, the "learning like playing" method has been thoroughly applied by ICANKid. Through games, interactive stories and clips, children will get to know English, get acquainted with the rich Vietnamese world, develop critical thinking and cognitive, emotions - socializing, physical, aesthetic - creative.